Multi-Touch Monitors

Multi-Touch Monitors are the next generation of Touch.  Instead of a single touch on the screen which normally represents a mouse click, the Multi-Touch Monitors are capable of 2, 4 or even 10 touch points on the screen at the same time (depending on size).  This cutting-edge technology allows for multiple users on a single screen or for a single user to do multiple finger gestures like zoom in, zoom out and rotate.  Imagine all the possibilities in collaboration, interaction and streamlining objectives with this innovative technology.

One World Touch offers the Multi-Touch Monitors in screen sizes from 17” up to 84” and also in different Multi-Touch Technologies such as Optical Touch and Projected Capacitive Touch.  These technologies are natively compatible with Windows 7 and some other Operating Systems.  More detailed information can be found on the product pages.

Because we build our touch monitors to order, our typical lead time is 2-5 business days but it can vary. Please call us at 888.928.2929 for rush orders.

  • 23-performance-multi-touch-monitor-1340995429-png

    23" Performance Multi-Touch Monitor

  • 24-performance-multi-touch-monitor-1424194801-png

    24" Performance Multi-Touch Monitor

  • 27-multi-touch-led-monitor-1384795374-png

    27" Performance Multi-Touch Monitor

  • 32-large-multi-touch-monitor-1399651727-png

    32" Large Multi-Touch Monitor

  • 40-large-multi-touch-monitor-1397758047-png

    40" Large Multi-Touch Monitor

  • 42-large-multi-touch-monitor-1372096223-png

    42" Large Multi-Touch Monitor

  • 46-large-multi-touch-monitor-1398794703-png

    46" Large Multi-Touch Monitor

  • 55-large-multi-touch-monitor-1398965397-png

    55" Large Multi-Touch Monitor

  • 65-large-multi-touch-monitor-1429288944-png

    65" Large Multi-Touch Monitor

  • 70-large-multi-touch-monitor-1429034126-jpg

    70" Large Multi-Touch Monitor

  • 84-large-multi-touch-monitor-1429200411-jpg

    84" Large Multi-Touch Monitor